Posted on January 17, 2019

social media mistakesSocial Media Mistakes Job Seekers Make

(and their Simple Solutions)

You’ve got an active job search, you’ve got an account on every social media platform. Your resume is updated & sent and your finger is paused above the mouse button ready to open all those responses from potential employers.

And there is complete silence. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

Why are you hearing crickets when you should be showing up at the top of recruiter and hiring manager’s lists of superb candidates? Your phone should be buzzing, or at least your inbox should be filling up with inquiries by now.

There are protocols and methods for job seekers when using social media. Unfortunately, applicants can unknowingly hurt their chances of getting a response by making mistakes that can be easily avoided.

Your Profile Picture


Using a selfie. Do we really need to address this?

Having other people and/or pets in your pic. Are you the one with whiskers or is that your cat?

Your picture is blurry or too far away, or you're wearing sunglasses. Are you hiding something?

If you’re still using your 1995 college graduation photo, you need to know that Mullets aren’t cool. Not now, not then.

You may be tempted to post the only professional photo you have available—but cropping your headshot image from your sister's wedding party photo is not the answer. And unless you would be wearing a tuxedo to work everyday, consider a photo wearing less formal attire.

Simple Solution

Leave the phone, pets, and friends at home. Dress for the industry in which you’re looking to work, and go get a professional head shot. Soon. 

Having No Posting Strategy

Mistakecat videos

Sharing cute cat pictures, your best friend’s blog links, and tagging everyone you know in your vacation pics to share your interests on social platforms. It's not that this is always wrong, we recommend pulling back on this type of posting on your public accounts.

Simple Solution

Comment, share, and post value-rich content to help solve problems or provide expert insight to show recruiters and hiring managers you’re a part of the conversation in your industry. Potential employers will search through your social media…so DO have a strategy.

Forgetting About the Face-to-Face

coffee meetingMistake

Although social media is a great tool, job seekers should to remember you will still have the greatest impact with a face-to-face meeting. E-mail and messaging cannot replace the connection earned through body language, eye contact, and a good strong handshake.

Simple Solution

Make a grand effort to end every virtual encounter with a plan to connect in person. Suggest meeting over coffee.

Careless Networking & Posting


If you’re posting about a job search while at your current job, someone is probably going to frown upon that. Hmmm…I don’t know, perhaps your boss! Maybe your future boss too.

Along those same lines, criticizing a former or current employer could put you in a very awkward position—maybe with no position in your company. You never know when your babysitter’s sister’s boyfriend’s uncle’s plumber is your boss’s plumber too. Be very careful to whom you announce your job search.

Simple Solution

Keep your job search limited to your own time and learn proper etiquette for asking about job openings.

Completely research those with whom you will be communicating in your search and who your mutual connections are to save yourself much embarrassment. And maybe your job.

Job Interview

By addressing these errors, your chances of getting noticed could increase significantly…the phone may buzz out of your pocket, your inbox may fill up, and face to face appointments may be booked. 

If you have questions or would like more information on personal branding, we’d love to hear from you!