I lead talks and workshops for groups of 10 to 100+, and am available to speak at  conferences in the Greater Philadelphia Area. I'm also happy to schedule a private webinar for your group.

Online Personal Branding for Recent College Grads

With limited experience in the workforce, college grads must be resourceful when it comes to establishing their personal brand.

Just like any other job seekers, grads will most likely be Googled by potential employers - so making sure your online identity is consistent with your career objectives is important. I’ll show attendees how to maximize social network postings, review privacy settings, and avoid “unprofessional” behavior online; and guide participants in creating a strong profile. I’ll also explain why they should become active on LinkedIn, the place where most professionals can be found.

Optimizing Your Resume for ATS

Have you ever sent in a resume through a company’s website only to hear crickets? This has become all too common as companies move toward Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help screen candidates.

An increasing number of firms are using ATS to manage the hundreds of applicants applying to their positions. This resume reading software allows these companies to automate and streamline the hiring process.

Helpful for the company, not so helpful for job hunters.

In this presentation, participants will learn why an ATS compatible resume is absolutely critical to a successful job search, and how to make their resume ATS friendly. Plus, we’ll discuss ideas for getting around these systems and alternative ways to conduct a job search.

Tips for an Online Job Search

Recruiters and hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes in response to jobs posted online, but only a small percentage will result in a personal contact.

Although the odds are stacked against applications submitted online, it’s usually where most job seekers start. But, there are tactics to increase your odds of being chosen for a position, and we’ll discuss ways to stand out among other applicants, as well as how to optimize your resume for submitting through online portals.

I’ll show you why it’s important to do a thorough job of researching each position, and how to best convey the value you add to the role.  Lastly, we’ll talk about tapping into your LinkedIn network to enhance your online job search.

LinkedIn for Sales Professionals

The days of sales prospecting through cold calling, office drop-ins, daily meetings and networking over lunches have changed, it’s no longer about chasing a lead at every opportunity.

In the digital world of today, where roughly two-thirds of B2B buyers make their decision via online content, the rules of sales prospecting are evolving. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for growing and nurturing professional networks, but it must be done right.

In this talk, I’ll show participants how to create a professional LinkedIn profile, how to become an active participant in their networks, and the best strategies for joining LinkedIn groups and engaging in discussions. We’ll also discuss methods for gathering intelligence on prospective clients and identifying decision makers and influencers, and the best uses for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool.

Preparing for a Job Interview

If you're new to the workplace or haven't interviewed in a while, learning more about the interview process will help ensure that you make a terrific impression.

Your job is to convince the interviewer that you have the skills, knowledge and experience for the job, while still conveying motivation and your fit for the job description  and the organization's culture.  

In this talk, we’ll discuss proper interview etiquette, how to research the job and company, how to prepare and practice interview questions and answers, dressing for the interview, following up after the interview, and many more interview preparation tips.

Protecting Your Online Reputation

If you’ve applied to a job or have went in for an interview, you can assume you’re being Googled. Somewhere, someone is typing your name into the search box and making a judgment based on what they find.

Research shows that 92% of companies will investigate a job candidate online, as will most anyone looking to do business with you. We’ll help you discover what recruiters, employers or potential clients are seeing when they search for you. 

This workshop will help you to take control of the narrative already posted about you online, as well as teach you ways to create favorable new content. Participants will learn about laying the groundwork for success by registering their name across the most authoritative social media platforms, and how to devise a posting strategy to convey thought leadership.

We’ll discuss how to change your security settings on each social media site, and attendees will learn why it’s not always best to make everything private!